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Good for you

Discover top-of-the-range gourmet and cosmetic products elaborated by outstanding artisans
in the eBoutique or via subscription

Good for the planet

Part of the price goes to our partners to support ecological projects:

5€ from the Bee happy box
goes to:

3€ from the Beauty in the box
goes to:

For each box you receive or each 30€ you spend in the eBoutique one tree is planted with



Discover top-of-the-range products and support Greenpeace and WWF projects. more >


Find exclusive products from outstanding artisans. A tree will be planted for each 30€ spent. more >


Win on 3 fronts: Improve your brand image, support green projects and save taxes. more >

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Subscribe and enjoy… or taste in the eBoutique

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Bee happy, fit and more

Discover a natural cosmetic and
taste the sweet, savoury flavours
and the original drinks
from exceptional artisans.

 5€ from each box to Greenpeace

 1€ from each box = 1 tree planted

 700 subscribers maximum – Limited Edition

 Delivery included EU, Switzerland, UK

 No time commitment

Monthly subscription

This is our box from June, to be with you mid-June
You’ll get what you see!

Beauty full inside and out

Everyday luxury au naturel.
For the whole family: soap, shampoo,
face & body care products,
for the shower or bath.

 3€ from each box to WWF

 1€ from each box = 1 tree planted

 1.000 subscribers maximum – Limited Edition

Delivery included EU, Switzerland, UK

 No time commitment

Bi-monthly subscription

This is our box from June, to be with you mid-June
You’ll get what you see!

GreenEcoBox engage on all fronts


3 or 5€ of the price of each box go to Greenpeace and WWF projects. more >


1 new tree for each subscribed box or each 30€ spent in the eBoutique with OneTreePlanted. more >


From CO2 neutral shipping service to organic wood wool as padding and recyclable cardboards. more >

Projets GreenEcoBox
Plant a tree GreenEcoBox
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Projects with Partners


trees planted
within a year


official partners

3 or 5€

donated to

Good for you, good for the planet!

GreenEcoBox teamed up with
Greenpeace, WWF and OneTreePlanted
to support selected projects around the world.

Discover here the ecological projects selected for you


Our Projects on Earth

WWF Projects
Greenpeace Projects
OneTreePlanted Projects

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Bee and Agriculture Campaign
Project vs. Involvement 27%
Bees on Blossoms in GermanyBiene auf einer Bluete
Since the beginning of 2013, Greenpeace’s agriculture campaign has been seeking to prohibit pesticides harmful to bees and the environment on the European and Swiss level; Read more >


The Alps
Project vs. Involvement 24%

Old tree species, rare wild bees, pristine moors, bears and lynxes: The Alps are a dazzling natural jewel. We protect them so that nature does not become depleted by human use. read more >


Global warming

Global warming is the phenomenon of the increase of the average temperature of the oceans and the Earth’s atmosphere. Measured globally over several decades it reflects an increase in the amount of heat of the Earth surface. Read more >


Deforestation and forest degradation in the world are mainly related to human activities today and are considered more profitable in the short term than the preservation or the long-term management of forests. Read more >


Biodiversity, a contraction of “biological diversity”, is an expression denoting the variety and diversity of the living world. In its broadest sense, this word is almost synonymous with life on earth. Every region has its own species. Read more >

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