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BirdLife Partners along the East Atlantic Flyway have joined forces to save the precious saltpans of Southern Europe and Northern Africa, and the striking birds that rely on them to fuel their incredible journeys between the two continents. Millions of birds use the East Atlantic Flyway twice each year to move between their breeding and wintering grounds. On their long and hard journeys they need stopover sites to rest and feed. Greater Flamingo, Pied Avocet, Dunlin and many other migratory birds are reported to use the saltpans in great numbers.

Saltpans – artificial basins built for the purpose of extracting salt from water using natural evaporation – are crucial refuelling sites for these birds. Sadly, it is a man-made habitat that is disappearing fast. Companies and cooperatives don’t see saltpans as a viable business anymore and the saltpans are being abandoned as a result. In the saltpans that do remain, pollution and disturbance are becoming common problems.

Our BirdLife Partners in Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, France and the Netherlands have worked out a plan to save the saltpans and develop best practices for bird-friendly saltpan management. During the coming years we will work to remove vegetation and restore the dikes and pools that are crucial to birds and for a successful salt harvest.

Engaging with local communities, cooperatives and companies to improve the business case for salt harvest will be a central aspect to our work. Furthermore, we will be raising awareness and taking action to tackle water pollution and disturbance in areas near larger cities.

We plant trees

A tree will be planted for each box or
each €30 spent in the eBoutique with

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Talla & Gameshope is an upland site in the Tweedsmuir Hills that covers 1,832ha of rolling hills reaching 800m Above Sea Level and features two valleys which feed the Talla Reservoir, one of the main water supplies for the city of Edinburgh. Purchased by our partner in 2015, work has begun on the restoration of lost and degraded habitats including the planting of 183,000 native trees and the restoration of 60 ha of blanket bog peatland. With the Phase 1 Planting Plan now nearing completion, attention has turned to planning Phase 2. The focus of this planting is in the more remote upper areas of the Talla Water and the middle section of the Gameshope Burn called Donald’s Cleuch. The project will plant 161,250 mixed native broadleaved trees over 130ha of land, planting at a density of 1240 stems/ha.

The tree planting will restore native woodlands to an area where deforestation occurred centuries ago. The restored woodland will provide a valuable habitat for plants, birds and animals. A much greater diversity of species is supported in native woodland that the impoverished existing habitats that are being planted so the creation of this woodland will have significant biodiversity benefits for a range of plants, animals, invertebrates and birds.

Our partner will plant mixed broadleaved woodland species such as Sessile Oak, Silver Birch, Downy Birch, Alder, Rowan, Wild and Bird Cherry, Hazel, Holly, Aspen, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Wych Elm, Grey Willow, Goat Willow, Eared Willow, Bay Willow, Juniper, Elder Mountain. Woodland species to be planted include, Downy Willow, Dark Leaved Willow, Tea-Leave Willow, Juniper, Dwarf Birch.

Choose your ethical box below and join the GreenEcoBox concept

Gootea box

Teas & pastries for the gourmands

An ethical and delightful trip for the palate, for a pause, for the gourmands. A pack that smells fine teas of different origins and pastries made by artisan selected for their quality and originality, a box to please yourself and the Planet.

In this box you will find:

1 pack of fresh loose organic teas
2 boxes of natural & artisanal pastries
1 tea ball offered for the 1st subscription box

Upon the GreenEcoBox ethical concept:

Donation of €1 to a new non-profit organisation/month
1 tree planted with a certificate in your name
1 small growing paper

Limited Edition to 1.000 subscribers

Shipped worldwide for a participation of only €3 🙂

Natural cosmetics for the whole family

Enjoy daily care, organic or natural, useful and cost saving for the whole family. Exclusively artisanal full size products, in liquid or solid format, without paraben, not tested on animals, cruelty free.
In the box, you will find a product of each category:

Hands: Soap
body: Soap or shower gel
Hair: Shampoo liquid or solid or as soap
Body care: Solid toothpaste or fondant bath or deo or balm…
Small treats

Upon the GreenEcoBox ethical concept:

Donation of €3 to a new non-profit organization
1 tree planted with certificate in your name
1 small growing paper

Limited Edition to 1,000 subscribers
Free shipping as a subscription 🙂

Beauty in the box
Bee happy box

Gourmet & Lifestyle

The ethical lifestyle box made by artisans including varied themes: a selection of gourmet products, organic or natural, but also a natural cosmetics and a plant to decorate or taste 😊 A complete box that will appeal to everyone, young and old.

In this box you will find:

1 sweet product
1 savoury product
1 drink
1 natural cosmetics
1 plant ready to grow
exquisite treats

Upon the GreenEcoBox ethical concept:

Donation of €4 to a new non-profit organization /month
1 tree planted with certificate in your name
1 small growing paper

Limited Edition to 700 subscribers

Free shipping as a subscription 🙂

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Discover top-of-the-range products and support ecological projects.
Gift boxes with exclusive products created by artisans. 1 tree planted for every €30 spent. More info >
Find exclusive products from outstanding artisans. A tree will be planted for each €30 spent. more >
1, 3 or 4€ of the price of each box goes to charity
1 new tree for each subscribed box or each €30 spent in the eBoutique planted by OneTreePlantedmore >
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