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The International Crane (ICF) is a founding member of the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership, a public and private collaboration established in 2001 to reduce the likelihood of extinction for this endangered bird. Our main task is to breed and reintroduce a migratory, self-sustaining flock into the eastern United States.

With your help, over the past eight years, ICF and partners have achieved many significant milestones toward this extraordinary goal.

2001 Since the program’s inception, aircrafts have guided the juvenile cranes from Wisconsin to Florida. They return north unassisted each spring.

2003 With just 20 young birds in the flock, we observed the first pair bonding between cranes.

2004 We celebrated the first nests built at the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge.

2006 The Midwest witnessed its first wild Whooping Crane hatching in over 100 years!

2008 A record 11 nests (most with eggs) were found, however successful hatching was elusive.

We believe we are on the cusp of witnessing significant reproduction in this flock a major step toward achieving the project’s overall goal: 120 Whooping Cranes with 30 or more breeding pairs.

Before this is realized, we need to determine if something is interfering with wild reproduction and learn how we might help. It is possible that simple interventions may improve breeding conditions for the cranes. To that end, ICF and partners will launch a comprehensive nesting study this spring to explore important questions such as are the cranes finding enough to eat while nesting? Are black flies driving birds off nests during critical incubation periods?

We will also work with our resident flock at ICF’s World Headquarters to breed and raise cranes for release this fall. Currently, we have 10 breeding pairs and hope to grow this number as well.

ICF is strongly committed to this long-term conservation priority that requires significant investment each year. The work continues because people like you also believe it to be a priority.

We plant trees

A tree will be planted for each box or
each €30 spent in the eBoutique with

Discover this OneTreePlanted campaign -> Click here

This reforestation will work to rebuild the forests of Undabaso. This area is located in the municipality of Muxika, in the province of Bizkaia, in the Basque Country. The area is included in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.

Fundación Lurgaia, by means of the Quercus program, aims to recover part of the lost forests and, hence, their value for biodiversity as well as the goods and services they provide to the society. In addition to this, this project aims to improve the habitat of endangered species, improve the water cycle, reduce land erosion and loss of soil, improve the ecological status of the water bodies, remove invasive species and long term upkeep and fixation of CO2.

More than 35 species will be planted, including, Quercus robur, Betula alba, Corylus avellana, Fraxinus excelsior, Acer campestre, Ilex aquifolium, Salix sp., Taxus baccata, Castanea sativa, Alnus glutinosa, Cornus sanguinea, Fagus sylvaticus, etc.

Choose your ethical box below and join the GreenEcoBox concept

Gootea Box

Teas & pastries for the gourmands

An ethical and delightful trip for the palate, for a pause, for the gourmands. A pack that smells fine teas of different origins and pastries made by artisan selected for their quality and originality, a box to please yourself and the Planet.

In this box you will find:

1 pack of fresh loose organic teas
2 boxes of natural & artisanal pastries
1 tea ball offered for the 1st subscription box

Upon the GreenEcoBox ethical concept:

Donation of €1 to a new non-profit organisation/month
1 tree planted with a certificate in your name
1 small growing paper

Limited Edition to 1.000 subscribers

Shipped worldwide for a participation of only €3 🙂

Natural cosmetics for the whole family

Enjoy daily care, organic or natural, useful and cost saving for the whole family. Exclusively artisanal full size products, in liquid or solid format, without paraben, not tested on animals, cruelty free.
In the box, you will find a product of each category:

Hands: Soap
body: Soap or shower gel
Hair: Shampoo liquid or solid or as soap
Body care: Solid toothpaste or fondant bath or deo or balm…
Small treats

Upon the GreenEcoBox ethical concept:

Donation of €3 to a new non-profit organization
1 tree planted with certificate in your name
1 small growing paper

Limited Edition to 1,000 subscribers
Free shipping as a subscription 🙂

Beauty In The Box
Bee Happy Box

Gourmet & Lifestyle

The ethical lifestyle box made by artisans including varied themes: a selection of gourmet products, organic or natural, but also a natural cosmetics and a plant to decorate or taste 😊 A complete box that will appeal to everyone, young and old.

In this box you will find:

1 sweet product
1 savoury product
1 drink
1 natural cosmetics
1 plant ready to grow
exquisite treats

Upon the GreenEcoBox ethical concept:

Donation of €4 to a new non-profit organization /month
1 tree planted with certificate in your name
1 small growing paper

Limited Edition to 700 subscribers

Free shipping as a subscription 🙂

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Discover top-of-the-range products and support ecological projects.
Gift boxes with exclusive products created by artisans. 1 tree planted for every €30 spent. More info >
Find exclusive products from outstanding artisans. A tree will be planted for each €30 spent. more >
1, 3 or 4€ of the price of each box goes to charity
1 new tree for each subscribed box or each €30 spent in the eBoutique planted by OneTreePlantedmore >
At your door between the 16th and 20th of the month – CO2 neutral shipping service more >

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