Why Eurogroup For Animals?

To create a better world, GreenEcoBox decided to join the non-profit organization Eurogroup for Animals. This organization is an association for the protection of animals in Europe.

How does this partnership work?

GreenEcoBox donates € 4 for each Bee Happy box delivered in July 2019. Through this partnership, GreenEcoBox has chosen a specific project and now shares all the information related to this project with its customers.

Together we are strong

Gipsy, the lion with short legs


Wild animals around the world are exploited, cremated, poisoned and hunted. Eurogroup For Animals strives to put in place effective legislation to protect wildlife and to improve the enforcement of existing laws in order to preserve their welfare in all circumstances – whether wild or in captivity, sold or kept as an exotic pet.

Reason for existence

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards keeping exotic animals rather than traditional pets, making the EU one of the largest importers of tropical fish, reptiles, birds and mammals. There are more than 200 million domestic animals in Europe, including mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians. However, many species, especially exotic animals, are not suitable for life in captivity.

For wild animals, circuses and dolphinaria do not meet the most basic social, spatial and health requirements:

  • The ability to perform many natural behaviors is severely reduced
  • Animals are forced to adopt unnatural behaviours
  • Training animals involves punishment
  • Animals are exposed to tight confinement, large and noisy crowds, inappropriate social groupings and disruption of established social connections.

In recent years, there has been more and more discussion about the rationale for using wild animals in public entertainment. This has also been reflected in different national legislation and 18 Member States have now adopted limitations on the use of wild animals in circuses. We believe that a coordinated approach between Member States would eliminate these obsolete entertainment and offer a coherent and effective solution to the physical and emotional suffering of wild animals in circuses.

Download the Statement on the Ethological Needs and Welfare of Wild Animals in Circuses .signed by eminent scientists.

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Eurogroup For Animals Publication: Wild Animals in EU Circuses – Problems – Risks – Solutions > Wild Animals in EU Circuses


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