To create a better world, GreenEcoBox decided to join the nonprofit organization Elefriends101. This organization is an association for the protection of Asian elephants in India and brings together several associations for the defense of other species in the world.

How does this partnership work?

GreenEcoBox donates € 4 for each Bee Happy box delivered in May 2019. Through this partnership, GreenEcoBox has chosen a specific project and now shares all the information related to this project with its customers.

Together we are strong

Elephants story


“Provide a loving, safe and secure environment for the welfare of elephants, where they are free to roam, socialize, bathe and feed without excessive human interference as nature intended.”

Reason for existence

After visiting many places and finding deplorable conditions in which captive elephants were found, Dr.Supraja Dharini (TREE Foundation) and Ms. Suparna Ganguly and Dr. Shiela Rao (WRRC) realized that no amount of written and documented the deplorable conditions would improve the lives of these elephants. Together, with the support of the TREE Foundation and the WRRC, they set out to find a way to offer them a better and brighter alternative life. It became apparent that the only solution would be to create a specialized care facility for these elephants, where they could recover slowly after years of captivity and, in many cases, neglect.

The seven founding freedoms of the Elefriends101 Elephant Care facility are,

Freedom :

  • To move around without shackles/chains or ropes in a natural, protected, semi-wild space

  • To sleep, walk, play or bathe under benevolent human monitoring and presence

  • To play with water or indulge in dust-baths and other normal behavior

  • From fear of emotional or physical pain and distress

  • To indulge in natural social interactions

  • From hunger, malnutrition or thirst

  • From injury and disease.

As elephant numbers, both African and Asian, continue to decline, it is imperative that we strive to take care and ensure the wellbeing of those who remain. As more temples are coming to see the benefits of granting the elephants freedom after a life of servitude to humans we expect the Elephant Care Facility to grow in the future to accommodate many more deserving elephants. We hope you will join us on this journey.

Elefriends101 Fondation and Mission

Elefriends in action