GreenEcoBox for Enterprises

Adapted to Your Requirements

GreenEcoBox’s concept for enterprises is based on 2 principles:

Offer a box with top-of-the range products to your employees. It can be a box delivered every month or every two months, or once a year for Christmas or any other special occasion (your company’s celebrations, etc.), up to you to tell us what you’d like to do.

For each delivered box, a part of the price of the box you design goes to the ecological projects of your choice. In other words you decide what to spend and whom to donate to, GreenEcoBox organizes everything for you.

GreenEcoBox helps you design a box suited to your requirements and budget, from the box content, the price,
the delivery frequency to the amount you donate to the organization of your choice.

Your Advantages

Your image

A positioning strategy to gain brand awareness. Companies that invest in green projects win a greater credibility and attract new clients.

Value employees

Your company attracts and energizes employees excited about your engagement and its impact on the environment. Your employees feel responsible and motivated.

Participate in projects

With GreenEcoBox your company engages in green projects all over the world and follows up in the projects you are involved.

Tax Benefits

GreenEcoBox invoices can be deducted from your company administration costs.

In partnership with us

The primary goal of GreenEcoBox is to participate financially as much as possible in green projects. Therefore, the more boxes are sent, the more ecological projects will be taken care of, will succeed successfully and make the difference for our planet, hence for us. Ecological projects can be developed much more quickly with our joint participation. Together we are strong.

If you partner with GreenEcoBox, we will be able to display your company logo (with your agreement) on our website and you can do the same with our logo if you wish. With this reference on both sites, we can generate more traffic, so more customers.