Privacy Policy

Your personal data is your exclusive property. When you buy on the Internet, you often disclose a few things to speed up, secure and facilitate your transactions. However, we understand that some questions may arise about the need to collect this information, which is why we would like to provide our answers.

1- Who processes your data

GreenEcoBox is a brand of CreateColours, headquartered in Haltingerstr. 40, 4057 Basel (Switzerland).

The following domains belong to GreenEcoBox, owned by CreateColours:


Address: Haltingerstr. 40, 4057 Basel (Switzerland).

2- What data do we collect?

We collect various pieces of information at different stages of your purchases, as needed, to ensure a quality of service.

We use the following data:

– Name and address of the recipient

– Telephone number

– Billing address

– E-mail address

– IP address

The address of the recipient and the phone number of the latter are personal data that may belong to another person, however these are necessary to ensure the proper performance of the delivery.

Of course you can modify, correct or delete all this information at any time.

3- Security

All personal data collected with your explicit permission is treated with care and stored securely. We make every effort to ensure maximum security and avoid that they are found in the eyes of everyone. In the event that we share this information with third parties, we require them to treat them in the same way. Moreover, these data cannot be used for purposes other than those for which they were given.

4- How long do we keep the information?

Personal information is stored as much time as necessary to process your order in the best conditions. These are kept for analysis for up to 2 years before being deleted. However, the law requires us to keep other information longer, such as payment records that must be kept for 7 years.

5- Why do we collect this data?

We collect various pieces of information at different stages for different purposes.

For the delivery of your order:

We use the data provided to process your order. When you order something, you want to receive it. It is also possible that we transmit this data to third parties, so that your order is processed correctly.

Our partners: our webmaster, the Packlink transport platform and its carriers, DHL Germany as well as the company OneTreePlanted which plants a tree in the name of the recipient of the order.


If you have a question about your order, you can make it via our contact form. On this form you will be asked to enter different details. Of course, you can choose the information you send us. These data are kept only as long as necessary to fully answer the question.

6- Third party

In certain situations we are led to share your data with third parties. These “third parties” are companies with which we collaborate to offer you a quality of service.

6.1 When you place an order with us, the data related to your username may be shared with third parties. This information is shared only if it is necessary for the smooth running of your order or if the law requires us to do so. For example, if there is suspicion of fraud or abuse in our online store, we may transmit personal data to the relevant authorities.

6.2 In order to provide you with an optimal service, we use services such as Google Analytics and Statcounter that allow us to see how our customers use our site. To ensure the privacy of our customers, we have strict agreements with these companies. For example, the IP address is anonymous.

7- Third country

We are a Swiss company. Some of the companies we work with are based in a country outside the European Union. The regulations of these countries do not always provide the same protection of personal data as those in force in the European Union. In order to protect your data optimally, we have entered into agreements with these companies to take all necessary measures to ensure the security of this information.

8- Third party websites

Our site may sometimes contain links to other sites over which we have no influence. As a result, we cannot guarantee that these companies comply with the rules on the protection of personal data. We recommend that you first read the privacy statement for these sites before using their services.

9-Amendment of the privacy statement

In order to better inform you about the use of the data, we may need to adjust the privacy statement at times. We advise you to read it regularly to see any changes.

10-Viewing, editing, deleting data and other questions

You can view, modify or delete your personal data at any time via “my account”. You can also check if they are still correct. If you wish, you can also limit or stop the processing of your data by our services. To know how to do or for any other question, we are at your disposal to help you.

Do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form, email or by mail:

Christine Ferrère
Haltingerstr. 40
4057 Basel (Switzerland)