Black Tapenade Dried Tomatoes and Basil

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We make our black tapenade with dried tomatoes and basil with pitted black olives (or that we pitted ourselves), capers, anchovies, … and our know-how. The big difference with other tapenades on the market is that we do not crush the core. So, you do not eat olive kernel powder that usually brings a lot of bitterness to the tapenade, a bitterness often counterbalanced by the addition of anchovy cream or salt.

Our tapenade offers you an authentic taste of olive and a real lamb’s lettuce (real pieces of olive in the mouth). The black tapenade with dried tomatoes and basil can be served on toast as an aperitif, for stuffing a fish to grill, a red mullet for example, or to whitewash a white meat.​

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Black olives 74%, extra virgin olive oil, capers, dried tomatoes 4%, garlic, mustard grains (water, mustard seed, vinegar, salt), concentrated lemon juice, anchovy cream (anchovy, olive oil) sunflower, flavoured wine vinegar, salt), salt, herbs including basil 0.8%.​