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A kit to start growing nantes carrots. The inside of the bag is all inclusive to start your vegetable garden.

Summer carrot with excellent taste and very productive. Enjoys exposure to the sun and should water little but often. It can be harvested after 90 to 130 days.


The starter bag includes an impermeable bag, a package of organic seeds, an organic substrate, expanded clay and complete instructions for a successful crop.

The bag is reusable and the seeds are enough to push several times.

How and when to sow outdoors?

The carrot starter bag can be sown from February to July and put about 10 seeds a half-centimeter deep.

Can be grown indoors all year round.

1.Cut the bag, remove the substrate and seeds. Leave the clay balls in the bottom and fill with the substrate.

  1. Open the bunch of seeds and pour only 15 to 20 seeds on the substrate and bury them slightly to half an inch.
  2. Water to keep the substrate moist but not soaked.
  3. When the seeds germinate (7-14 days), place them in a place sufficiently well lit by daylight and a few hours of sunshine a day.
  4. When the substrate seems to be dry (check with your finger), pour a cup of water coffee – check regularly.
  5. After 2-3 months you should be grafted into a larger pot, garden or vegetable garden.

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