Eco Cube Bamboo


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Bot. Name: Dendrocalamus gigantea

Characteristics: This bamboo species forms the largest straws in the world. More important for germination and its growth is that the temperature should be above 20°C all year round.

ecocube contains plant seeds and a special growth granulate.

  • Open the ecocube and remove the sticker.
  • Approximately carefully pour 30 ml of water into the cube.
  • Place ecocube in a bright, very warm place and water regularly.
  • Cover the cube with a glass and do not allow the granules to dry out.
  • Remove the jar daily for 1 hour to provide the plant with fresh air.
  • After about 15 – 20 days the bamboo starts to grow.
  • After about 8 months, the entire cube can be transplanted into a pot.
  • The ecocube is slowly composted and becomes valuable fertilizer for the plant.

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