Eco pot mint Organic


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Bot. Name: Mentha piperita

Characteristics: Peppermint is one of the best-known herbs in the world. Its unmistakable aroma is used in the preparation of many foods and drinks.

Ecopot contains a bag of certified organic plant seeds, a pot and a coaster of pressed bamboo fibers, coconut fiber tablets, a wooden sign and a planting guide.

  • Place the pot on the saucer and place the two coconut fiber tablets in the flowerpot.
  • Fill the pot with water up to approx. 1 cm below the edge. After 3 minutes, the tabs have turned into soil. Now smooth the granules with your fingers.
  • Sow the seeds out of the bag and lightly cover with soil.
  • Place the starter kit in a bright, warm place and add about 30 ml of water every 3 days so that the coconut fiber soil does not dry out.
  • After about 7 – 14 days the plants begin to grow.
  • Once the herbs are big enough, they can be used for cooking.

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