Extra virgin organic olive oil from Puglia

Di Gennaro



Special edition: 40th Anniversary of Di Gennaro

The approximately 24-acre olive grove in Puglia Gargano at 170 m above sea level. The brothers Antonio and Michele Di Gennaro inherited from their father. For many years, only the best oil for the family’s private use was produced from the olives growing there. Then the brothers decided to make better use of this “gift” from their homeland and the result is a first-class virgin olive oil from organic farming. But it was a long and expensive way until then: the partly overgrown, more than 100 years old olive trees were refined with young plants. Produced from Leccina and Paranzana olives, it shows a relatively strong taste on the palate, which quickly develops into a soft, mild and very fruity taste experience. Notes of bitter almonds and regional fruits.

Ingredients: Leccina and Paranzana olives

Allergens: None

Additives: None

Country of origin: Italy

Manufacturer: Di Gennaro

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Di Gennaro






Leccina and Paranzana