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Recent studies prove that those who cultivate even a small garden have a better understanding and respect of natural rhythms and balances. Taking care of nature is also learning to respect the planet and its inhabitants.

With the garden in the garden, you give everyone the opportunity to recreate a small piece of countryside where you can taste the products of the garden while marveling at the wonders of nature.

To plant on the windowsill, on the terrace or in the garden to cultivate one’s own little garden and learn to love and better understand nature.

The package contains 4 cubes. Each cube contains the seeds of a single plant species: climbing pea, cut lettuce, cherry tomato and calendula in sufficient quantity to allow the cultivation of a pot of 20 cm in diameter for each plant.

Tomato: very sensitive to cold and frost. It should be grown during the summer months. Sensitive to fungal disease attacks. Well drained soil.

Seeding: from March to May

Flowering: June

Lettuce: requires a moderate climate. Prefers sunny places.

Seeding: March or November

Calendula: very rustic plant with great adaptability. Cut the aerial part of the branches of the plant so that more branches and flowers grow. Remove the faded flowers. Fertilize with a liquid product to obtain large flowers.

Sowing: spring from April

Flowering: spring and autumn

Climbing pea: requires a well-drained soil with a minimum temperature of 5-6 °C. Also used because it improves soil qualities.

Seeding: February or October

Flowering: spring

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