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For fruity-mild exoticism in salads, on the grill, for cheese or in dessert. The fruity-mild flavour of juicy mango and sweet and sour pomegranate is ideal for refreshing salad cocktails, sweet and sour vegetable dressings, exotic barbecue skewers or spicy fruit salads. We produce our mango pomegranate sauce with pomegranate syrup and organic mango and round it off with orange juice, lemon peel, cayenne pepper and rose paprika. Our mango dressing is versatile. It goes well with grilled prawns, roasted banana or gratinated goat’s cheese, as well as Florida salad and cocktail dressing with crème fraiche, yoghurt or fruit juice.

Gluten free, vegan, lactose free, yeast free

Store cool after opening and use within 6 weeks.

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Broth * (water **, rock salt, maize starch *, onions *, carrots *, sunflower oil *, spices *, herbs *), mango puree * (20%), sunflower oil *, extra virgin olive oil *, orange juice *, Condimento Bianco * ( Wine vinegar *, concentrated grape must *), SENF * (water, vinegar *, BRAUNSENFSAATEN *, sea salt), pomegranate syrup * (2%), agave syrup *, natural rock salt, sunflower protein *, thickener: locust bean gum *, corn starch *, arrowroot *, cayenne Pepper *, rose paprika *, turmeric *, lemon peel *, lemon oil *. *From controlled organic cultivation ** filtered and vitalized May contain traces of nuts.