Maya honey


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Yucatan, Mexico


flowery – balanced with a pleasant, very honey note and a hint of lilac

Consistency & color

liquid, golden to amber

  • Organic
  • Without genetic technology
  • Keep cool, dark and dry

The honey cladding

In the vast virgin forest regions on the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, the tropical climate ensures an almost inexhaustible variety of flowers. For the bees, this is like a garden in Eden. In addition to wild yellow daisies, the nectar from the Dzidzilche shrub with its small white flowers also characterizes this fine honey.

The costume region

Yucatan is the land of the Mayas and their impressive pyramids and high culture. The peninsula is today divided into three states: northern Yucatan and eastern Campeche, both on the Gulf of Mexico, and western Quintana Roo, whose elongated coastline stretches along the Caribbean Sea with turquoise waters and endless beaches. Inland, the true heart of the Mayas beats: in the center, the small town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

Honey – a gift from the gods

The Mayans knew and valued honey as the most valuable sweetener. So its use with them has a more than 7,000 year tradition. The beekeepers cared for their native, smaller bees in hollow tree trunks. It was not until the 17th century that European settlers brought the European bee race to Mexico. This circumstance has also influenced beekeeping here and now, as almost everywhere else in the world, peoples are kept in the classic wooden hives with changing frames.

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Walter Lang




Yucatan, Mexique


Organic Maya Honey from the Yucatan region, Mexico. Natural.