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In the purest British tradition, this very refined green tea combines a grand cru of Ceylon with ingredients of a very fine finesse. It was indeed the British who introduced tea culture to the beautiful island of southern India, formerly known as Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka.

Characterized by their high quality and their unique taste reliefs, Ceylon green teas contain all the good qualities that are recognized by the best green teas. Sweet because not fermented, the present green tea is like a crucible of antioxidants with protective virtues.

Associated with pomegranate, also a source of antioxidants, but also vitamins and minerals, as well as rose petals whose fragrances are delicately haunting, it promotes pleasant relaxation.

Made with the best ingredients found in the island of Sri Lanka, this certified organic beverage is a great treat to enjoy at any time of day, to let go for a moment and recharge your batteries. Qualitative in terms of its naturalness, it is also thanks to its certification for fair trade that intends to preserve the expertise of local producers and promote their fair remuneration. Combining ecological and ethical concerns on the one hand, naturalness and pleasure of taste on the other hand, Ceylon green tea is very valuable.

Tasting and conservation

Infuse 2 to 3 minutes in water at 80 ° C.

Store in a cool, dry place.

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green tea * (85%), rose petals * (5%), pomegranate pieces * (5%) and natural flavor (5%).