Peppermint & Blue Cornflower Sugar Scrub​


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These delightful Sugar Scrubs contain only 100% Natural ingredients.​

No artificial perfume, no colour, no preservatives, just nature’s finest ingredients!​

Our Peppermint Sugar Scrubs have mild anti-septic and toning properties and are great for dry skin. They contain lashings of pure Cocoa Butter for extra skin nourishment.​

These minty bars are fantastic for tired calves and feet! The menthol effects are best felt when used in a warm bath, the tingling, cooling sensation will really help to ease any aches and pains.​

Simply rub the bar over wet skin in the bath or shower and the Cocoa Butter base will start to melt, leaving a scrubby mixture on the skin. Work the mixture into your skin with your hands, and then lightly rinse to be left silky smooth!​

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