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Shampoo Bars will protect your hair from root to tip with its unique blend of oils and butters. Say hello to shiny and strong hair, without the plastics and toxins.

Loaded with plant magic, our solid shampoo bars combine the ultimate cleaning combo: May Chang, Cedarwood and Lemon. Together, it’ll make your hair zesty fresh, strong and revitalised.

Our bars are zero-waste, come packaging free, while your ingredients are printed on a free wildflower seed card. Once you’re finished with it, just pop it into moist soil and frequently water to grow and reveal a delightful mixture of wildflowers. Printed only using vegetable inks, our seed cards are 100% natural, leaving no harmful or harsh chemicals in the ground.

This is a 100% natural product, cruelty free and palm oil-free. It is free from any nasties (no toxic chemicals or G.M.O.s) and is vegan-friendly too.

How to use:

Designed to be suitable for both regular or infrequent use.

Simply lather up your bar in between your hands, and apply the soap directly to thoroughly wet hair. For thick hair and those that shampoo less often, make sure to repeat this twice. Keep your bar dry inbetween uses.

Transition period:

Prior to using natural shampoo bars, you may have a build up of synthetic chemicals and waxes in your hair from using your previous shampoos. Your body may need a ‘’transition period’ to start producing its own again. This may result in stickier and oilier feeling hair. But don’t worry, your natural oils clean and strengthen your hair better than anything synthetic so it’s worth the wait.

When using natural shampoo bars, brushing your hair twice a day will also encourage your natural oils down from your scalp to your ends.

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