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Made in the cauldron by a Soap Master. 80% olive oil with saponification. Enriched with organic olive oil, it is based on: • Olive oil • Coconut oil • Natural glycerin • Essential oils

SAVON DE PROVENCE is composed of 80% of olive oil and 20% of coconut oil with saponification. The perfection of an exclusive formula, designed to suit all skin types.

Seduction, subtlety, femininity and gentleness are the words that best represent this ripe perfume. Fruity and fresh, it remains very tender and subtle. What better than to try it to make up your mind?

Made of :

  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil (also called copra)
  • Tocopherol: vitamin E
  • Natural glycerin
  • Essential oils

* contains olive oil from organic farming

The saponification in the cauldron is the traditional method of making Marseille soaps. We therefore use this authentic method for the manufacture of our liquid soaps. Our fat base consists of 80% olive oil and 20% coconut oil that we put in a large cauldron. With potash (a natural clay), this mixture will slowly turn into soapy paste under the supervision of our Soap Master.

No preservatives, no sodium laureth sulfate, no synthetic coloring, no animal fat.

Suitable for all types of skin.

Designed, developed and manufactured in France.

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Theophile Berthon