Smoked Sea Salt Flakes



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Gardar Stefansson and Soren Rosenkilde draw unique sea salt from the pure, original nature of Iceland. The fresh, delicately crunchy salt flakes have a high proportion of trace elements, which gives them an intense mineral taste.

The gentle manufacturing process, which was introduced in Iceland in 1753 but has been forgotten for centuries, guarantees the optimal moisture content of each individual flake. Fresh seawater from the Arctic Ocean is placed in steam boilers under extremely high air pressure. As a result, the water boils at 70°C. The resulting brine is filtered and passed to boiling pans, where the artistic design of the northern salts is completed. With exclusively geothermal energy and a lot of manual work, the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and sustainable. This process does not cause pollution or greenhouse gases – only fresh, pure and crispy premium sea salt flakes.

The packaging with a sophisticated folding technique that works without adhesives was awarded the Red Dot Award in 2014.

The Nordur Smoked Salt is the perfect combination of Icelandic raw material and traditional Danish smoking art. In a small smokehouse, the smoke from the embers of various woods gives the salt an almost forgotten aroma.

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