Virgin honey


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Sierra de Jalisco, Mexico


mild-flowered with an exotic note

Consistency & color

creamy, slightly lighter than sunflower

  • Bio
  • Without genetic technology
  • Keep cool, dark and dry

honey flow

In the Mexican early summer unfolds in the mountains of Jalisco a diverse, native flowers. The flowers have such rich names as Guayabillo, Enredadera, Chia, Vara Blanca and Vara de San José. This unique natural blend of nectar combines in honey to a distinctive mild-flowering taste and a delicious consistency.

costume region

The harvest area of ​​this honey is located in the south-western part of Mexico. The Sierra de Jalisco in the federal state of Jalisco is a volcanically dominated landscape. The bees collect the nectar in the inaccessible mountains on the south coast, a natural paradise with wide, untouched flower meadows.

The honey-honey

You may be wondering how this word duplication came about? One thing is certain: it is not a spelling mistake, but rather a description of his typical, rounded taste. Among all varieties of honey with their special, sometimes very mild or even bitter, sometimes even bitter forms of virgin honey meets exactly the expectations, in which everyone would say immediately: Yes, so must taste a honey.

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Walter Lang




Sierra de Jalisco, Mexique


Organic Virgin Honey from the Sierra de Jalisco, Mexico. Natural.