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Chez dame tartine

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The white peach jam from Chez Tartine was awarded the gold medal in the militant contest of the taste in 2018, that is to say!

An artisan jam from the terroir of Provence Occitane in Saint Julien de Peyrolas. This white peach jam is know-how, authenticity and a passion for handmade products.

The ingredients of the white peach jam, the delicatessen of the South of France with Sandrine Pascale.

It is in her workshop that Sandrine Pascale elaborates her recipe for white peach jam. A great success for this delicate fruit that gives us all its flavour with cooking in copper cauldron.

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Chez dame tartine






white peach, sugar, pectin. This white peach jam is dye free, preservative free, and artificial flavour. It is made with 64 gr of fruit per 100 gr. Its sugar content is 55 gr per 100 gr. An authentic recipe and craft.