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Les Belles de Savon

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A soft and soothing shea, enriched with castor oil for a creamy and abundant foam. The cocoa powder gives it a warm color and a delicate biscuit flavour. This natural soap will serve you as well for shaving as for hair, face and body. Natural surgras soap, without perfume or allergens

Enriched with mare’s milk for the care of sensitive and reactive skin, this natural soap and surgras, all in one, will gently clean the face and body, wash hair without attacking and allow a shave safely thanks to its castor oil protector. Without essential oils.

Soap / shampoo and shaving soap all-in-one worked on a base of mare’s milk soothe irritation and optimum respect for the most sensitive skin. Shea and castor oil provide comfort to the toilet and allow use for hair and beard. Formulated without scent not to attack sensitive skin, sensitive or problem (pregnant women, babies, eczema, psoriasis or acne treatments …) Suitable for babies and pregnant or breastfeeding women and skin suffering from eczema and psoriasis or having undergone aggressive treatments.

Weight: 90g.

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Les Belles de Savon






extra virgin olive oil *, unrefined shea butter *, virgin coconut oil *, *, mare's milk *, castor oil *, filtered water, soda, raw cocoa powder *. * ingredients from organic farming​