Terms & Conditions of Sales

The activities conducted under the name of “GreenEcoBox” and the websites www.greenecobox.com www.greenecobox.fr www.greenecobox.de are operated by the company Monkeys On Tree Benjamin Wagner (R.C.S. 852 181 072) and its subsidiary GreenEcoBox (hereinafter “GreenEcoBox”).

The websites www.greenecobox.com www.greenecobox.fr www.greenecobox.de are opened to all users of the Internet.

GreenEcoBox has two main activities: monthly and bi-monthly distribution to its customers of two boxes containing either cosmetic or food products from ethical artisans and an eBoutique containing products from ethical artisans (non-exhaustive list).

These offers are only available from the www.greenecobox.com, .fr and .de websites. By validating and confirming their subscription or order in the eBoutique, the Customer declares to unconditionally accept the terms of the subscription or the order as well as the entirety of these terms and conditions.

The Terms and Conditions of sales from GreenEcoBox are intended to define the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the sale of products on www.greenecobox.com, .fr and .de. They apply, without limitation or qualification, to all sales of products offered by GreenEcoBox on its websites www.greenecobox.com, .fr and .de (hereinafter the “Sites” or “Websites”).

Any order placed on the websites implies acceptance of these General Terms. The Client acknowledges that he/she has understood and accepted all the terms. The customer has the option to save them and print them. These Terms and Conditions are subject to French law and French standards. GreenEcoBox reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions and specific conditions at any time without notice, provided that such changes will not apply to bookings and orders previously accepted and confirmed by the Customer.


Article 1 – Company Information

GreenEcoBox, Saint Louis, France


GreenEcoBox Customer Service can be contacted at the email above or via the contact page https://www.greenecobox.com/contact-us/.


Article 2 – Registration and conditions for placing an order

2.1 – Upon registration on the sites, the Customer must ensure the accuracy and completeness of the data submitted.

2.2 – Anyone placing an order on the sites claims to have the capacity to perform legal acts. Only people more than 18 years old can make a subscription or buy from GreenEcoBox.


Article 3 – Price

3.1 – The prices listed on the domains are in Euro (€). The value added tax (hereinafter “VAT”) is not levied because GreenEcoBox is not subject to VAT.

3.2 – GreenEcoBox reserves the right to change prices at any time. However, price changes have no retroactive effect and thus have no effect on orders placed previously.


Article 4 – Payment

4.1 – Payment is made directly online.

4.2 – For payments by credit card, GreenEcoBox uses the secure platform providers Stripe (see https://stripe.com) and PayPal. GreenEcoBox stores no data of payment.

Major payment cards are accepted via Stripe and PayPal.

The entire purchasing process is fully encrypted and protected by SSL provided by our host GoDaddy (see https://ch.godaddy.com/). A certificate “SSL” of the same company certifies it.


Article 5 – Delivery

5.1 – Subscriptions:

  • Gootea box and Bee happy box: Shipping is made between the 16th and 20th of the month.
  • Beauty in the box: Bi-monthly box: Shipping is made between the 16th and the 20th of every other month – Months of delivery: February, April, June, August, October, December.

eBoutique (without subscription): Shipping is made in the next 5 working days after payment is received.

5.2 – The goods are delivered directly to the shipping address provided by the customer.

5.3 – Shipping fees for subscribed boxes :

  • Bee happy box and Beauty in the box: No fees for boxes subscribed in the EU, Switzerland and UK. Additional shipping costs for other countries.
  • Gootea box: €3 participation to shipping costs for deliveries worldwide
  • Orders in the eBoutique: No shipping fees in the EU, Switzerland and UK if the order’s amount is more than €60. Additional shipping costs for other countries.

5.4 – A delay is not a case for cancellation of the order and gives no right to any compensation.


Article 6 – Checking the goods

6.1 – It is up to the Client to verify the amount and condition of the goods upon delivery.

6.2 – If the Customer finds omissions or damage, he must report on receipt of delivery to GreenEcoBox customer service and attach a photo of the damage. The Customer should use the form on the page https://www.greenecobox.com/return-unsubscribe/.

6.3 – In the above-mentioned case, the Customer will receive a replacement product, a similar product or another product at a next delivery.


Article 7 – Data protection

The personal data stored on the site www.Greenecobox.com remains at GreenEcoBox. GreenEcoBox can use this data for information, promotions, and new products or to improve the services that could be offered to the Customer. The payment data is not stored on any GreenEcoBox server.


Article 8 – Limitation of Liability

8.1 – Subject to mandatory French law, any claim for damages relating to a delivery referred under these conditions will not exceed the amount of the purchase price of the products that generated the request for damages.

8.2 – GreenEcoBox cannot be held liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any kind arising in connection with its products, their use, sale or this site.

8.3 – GreenEcoBox cannot be held responsible for delay or failure to deliver caused by circumstances beyond its control such as accident, strike, war, natural disaster or other which prevent the production, transportation or delivery of products.


Article 9 – Guarantee

10.1 – GreenEcoBox guarantees the traceability and origin of products sold on this site. GreenEcoBox does its best to deliver quality products to its customers and to provide excellent services. Customer can submit his comments by writing to info@Greenecobox.com.


Article 10 – Law and For

French law governs contract made as subscription or purchase at GreenEcoBox. In case of issue, the jurisdiction is Mulhouse. Limited remedies are reserved.

Saint Louis, July 2020