The idea is born…

A new idea out of the box! An innovative concept that we are proud to offer here: please people with surprising top-of-the-range products and make them dedicated contributors to our planet health. Exciting, is it?

GreenEcoBox definitively expects to be different from other commercial companies: Sell, sell, sell and always make more profit until what? Beside, our world and quality of life is worsening day after day because lots of companies “just don’t care”.

Think of Bhutan: They design their country to make it clean and respectful to the planet. They also engaged every citizen, each person has an active role to play. 


Could GreenEcoBox conceive a “company” respectful to our planet, effectively participating in green projects and engaging its contributors through their buying process for the same? The answer is YES.

GreenEcoBox’ objective: prove to all of us that green ideas are safe and profitable… to the planet, hence to all of us. GreenEcoBox is now happy to please you and make you the principal actor of a better world.

Meet The Team



Energetic self-starter with excellent analytical and creative skills, Benjamin developed his reliable and dependable competencies, with a special talent for customer service. Fluent in French and German, Benjamin demonstrates his determination to engage on opportunities, adding a ‘green’ touch at each step.



Christine is an MBA graduate with extensive marketing skills. She brings her 20 years of global management experience in multinational organizations with. She has fun travelling around the globe. English, German and French have no secret for her. But her full motivation and heart go to animal welfare and the environment.


Site Manager

High technical expert, dedicated, very supportive and knowledgeable, Francisco manages the whole site with his magic touch from Argentina. Francisco makes GreenEcoBox professionally visible to the world.


3D Artist

Very enthusiastic and always positive, Tony is the 3D graphic designer of the team. Passionate about image, design, music and videos, he stages all the visuals and more. With his graphical tools, he gives depth and meaning to each project and fully embarks in the GreenEcoBox adventure.


Gourmet Pet Tester

Yahto has been nominated as the Gourmet food pet tester of the year. He decides which treat is exceptionally good from what is just acceptable. He sits in front of us,  makes a big smile with his long tongue and if the test passes, gives his paw. He motivates the whole team with his ever good mood.