Why WWF?

To make a better world, GreenEcoBox has decided to team up with the non-profit organization WWF. This organization runs several campaigns in different parts of the world and has the power to make a difference. The choice of this organization is strategic and is all about animal welfare.

How does this partnership work?

For every Beauty in the box delivered, GreenEcoBox donates €3 to WWF. Thanks to this exclusive partnership, GreenEcoBox can choose a specific project and share all the information on the progress of this project with its customers.

Together we are strong

Wildlife and flora in the Alps

WWF Objective: Maintain biodiversity in the Alps

What is the campaign about?

The Alps house 30,000 animal species and 13,000 kinds of plants. Without them, the whole of the world’s biodiversity is in danger. WWF therefore encourages responsible farming, protect priceless land and fight for the preservation of large living spaces.

Three main projects:

  1. Dry Grasslands in Ticino: WWF helps farmers at Monte Generoso maintain dry grasslands.
  2. Bears Project in Lower Engadine: WWF educates tourists and people about the bear situation through thematic educational trails and information panels.
  3. Revitalization of rivers: The WWF trains volunteers willing to act in favor of Switzerland’s natural waterways

Project progression with GreenEcoBox


WWF Actions

The return of Atlantic salmon

More than a century ago, the Rhine was the main river in Europe for salmons. Today, hydropower plants and other facilities prevent their migration. WWF is fighting for the first time and is opening up the path to the upper watershed. More in German/French/Italian >

WWF Nature Camps: unforgettable adventures

WWF Nature Camps offer children and youth moments of unlimited fun and informative lessons in the wilderness. More in German/French/Italian >

Reintroduction of young vultures in the Alps

We intend to ensure the return of bearded vultures in the Alps. The process of reintroducing juveniles into adapted habitats is done step by step and under surveillance. We hope to allow the released birds to colonize the alpine arc and to reproduce naturally. More in German/French/Italian >

Riverwatch – how we value our waterways

Rivers and streams must regain vitality and biodiversity. With the help of our Riverwatch river guards, we are working to enhance the Swiss river landscape and work with the authorities to set up revitalization projects. More in German/French/Italian >